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Thread: Cox Cap Daily Limit 1gb/download, 250mb/upload

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    Cox "high" speed internet cable modem service
    has a cap and the daily limit is 1GB/download, 250MB/upload

    is this fair? Do other cable/DSL provider do this?

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    some do some don't.
    I dont think it's right I think it should be unlimited.
    on the bright side 1 gig down and 250 up is quite a high cap
    consider yourself lucky

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    Skynet Belgium allows us to download/upload 10 GB per month for about 45 and I don't think that's fair eiter.
    But what am I going to do about it, the other company that offers broadband are the cable guys, same conditions, but worse d/l speeds.

    I think you should consider yourself lucky with downloading almost one film and a half per day.

    edit: Changed 'happy' for 'lucky'


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