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Thread: need help setting up TV caption

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    i hope i can get help in this room. i have this panasonic i want to set up the caption. the TV doesnt have auto caption, just manual caption. it has an ID of 4 characters. the problem is that the manual that came with the TV has been lost. i tried figure it out but i can't. i also tried to do some research on the internet but can't find anything useful. could someone please help me out? i know it's not easy but any idea would be great.

    here's the information from the TV:


    manual caption
    enter channel
    enter caption

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    Go to and search for your TV, and you should be able to get a downloadable guide, or call their Tech support, and tell them you have lost it...usually they'll send a new one.

    Maybe use the Lounge next time...probably get better results.
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    if you mean the writing of what is being said scrolling across the bottom try puting your tv on mute.. that works for me. I dont know how to have both at the same time though. My tv is a panasonic as well.
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