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Thread: New Heatsink

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    I'm stuck on two options for a new cpu heatsink. It's either gona be a Scythe NCU-2000 or the Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu

    I know as fact the zalman is a good piece of kit but after looking at the sythe with it being silent it sounds very nice. Anyone got any experience of the sythe and how it perfomrs? Since I never need to overclock and have quite resonable case cooling I can't see it overheating.


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    The cheaper one if you're not ocing.

    hey scimanal.

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    I can recommend the Zalman based on extensive use over the past year or so and have no first hand (IMO the only kind that counts) experience with the Scythe.

    One thought on coolers similar to the Scythe ( TT Silent Tower and Aerocool 102) that I have tried...
    These can be quite awkward when installed depending on the final orientation of the fans.
    The Aerocool was able to be rotated in it's mounting plate to put the fans pointing in any direction you like, the TT was not.

    I did not see any specific info regarding the mounting arrangement on the Scythe, but I'd find out were I you before making a decision.
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