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Thread: Audio files on my KLite K++ sound like chipmunks are singing them

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    Okay, so I have a certain mp3 song on my KLite K++ that when I try to play it, makes a little window pop up saying it is an unsupported extension format and may result in unexpected behavoir. I always just play it anyway, and the tempo of the song is just a tad too fast. But yesterday I checked a box at the bottom of that window saying not to make this warning pop up again. Lo and behold, doing that caused all songs on my KLite to play too fast, like chipmunks are singing them. And now when I try to play that certain song again, the window does not pop up. This is a personal tragedy for me, please help! I have no idea what to do!

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    What are you using to play your mp3(s)?

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    If you are using Windows Media Player 9 (this could also apply to 10)
    Click on the button that I circled.

    Keep pressing till it plays normal.

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    I'm using Windows Media Player 10. I clicked on the fast forward button, but it only made the song play even faster. Thing is, the songs play too fast even when in normal play mode. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

    Samurai: what do you mean by Winamp? Could you elaborate please?

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    theyre corrupted??

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    Yes it is a fake file. God dont people know how to Identify fake files anymore? Or is everyone ignorant? Don't use WMP 10 anyways. Use Winamp for music.


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