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    I am finally making the quantam leap to broadband frankly I am fed up with the speed, reliability and overall performance demonstrated by my V.92 56 Kbps modem.

    I will be using an ADSL service with speeds of 512Kbps downstream and 256Kbps upstream; that's around 64 KB download, 32 KB upload. The contention ratio is 50:1.

    I am opting with for a "wires-only" service with no-NAT and a static IP address. That means I am buying the equipment sepearately.

    What is this VCI and VPI with "0" and "38" values that are being mentioned?

    For an ADSL modem, shall I choose ethernet or USB 1.1? Which is better (I don't have USB 2.0)? I have a 10/100Mbps ethernet adaptor, is this what is required?

    I am looking for something 30-40 with perhaps:

    -Ethernet Ports
    -A WAN Port for connection directly to ADSL socket

    Something definitely required:

    -Solid Firewall Features

    Anything else?

    Also, where can I get cheap microfilters? And what is a PSU+ filter?

    Many thanks


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    well i gt my bb from BT. There Microfilters are 4 each Its ADSL and u get tow filters with the package. I think its 4 filters max to a house

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    ethernet's faster/ more reliable than USB, and it'll free up a USB port.

    Or you could get an internal PCI modem...

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    1,252 are doing an ADSL PCI Modem with a free microfilter for 23!!!

    Also, PCI is faster than ethernet and USB 1.1 It is plug 'n' play Yay!


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