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Thread: Annoying problems with Kazaa Lite ressurection

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    Hello :-)

    If anyone's confused by my ISP being Comcast and my having an AOL addy, that's because when I went high speed, I wanted to keep my AOL mail.

    I have Kazaa Lite essurection It works great except for the following two problems.

    When I tried to get a bunch of songs by an artist to see if I like 'em, I gave up because there were 4-10+ results for every song, but all except one of the mp3's I downloaded were either no sound or the same 30 second fragment repeated over and over. Is there any way to filter out such bogus files?

    The second problem is this. I'm sure you know of the info box that appears when you hold the cursor over a result. That box is useful, but is there a way to only call it up when I want it instead of it being automatic or that it disappears instantly instead of fading slowly when I move the cursor? When going down the list of results, marking the songs I want, I find it quite obnoxious that keeps gettig in the way since it can't be clicked through.

    I'm sure you know how to highlight several lines at once in most any program by holding down ctrl and using the arrow keys. Is there a way to do that in KLR in both the result and traffic windows before selecting an action?

    When looking at the traffic window, how do I get "cancel all downloads" to work so I won't have to cancel them one at a time by paw?

    Finally, just how do bad files including but not limited to bogus and corrupt files get spread around? Why don't people delete them instead of keeping them in their shared folder?

    Take care!* Hope to hear from you soon!* Wuff!

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    Unfortunattly the only way to filter the crap would be a better hashing system by Sharman which is unlikely to happen that I know of and is one of the reasons for the flood of fakes. I think you can hold the Ctrl key or somthing to avoid that box, cant remember now and also highlighting has something to do with the Ctrl key also like Ctrl and click the ones you want to highlight I think.

    As for corrupt files they are either flooded by the AA or they take good files and hex edit them bad data and then renter them on the network to swarm with good files, since the hashing is shit last I checked the file is not properly protecetd from infection, in simple terms only the first part of the file is hashed so the rest is not and can be corrupted although most networks like EDK2 hash the entire file. Anyway thats what I know last I checked anyhow...

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    the new kzhash hashes the entire file
    but resurection is too old, it doesn't use kzhashes

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    so get k-lite 2.7 beta 2 from here
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    Also that Kazaap looks interesting for KMD users anyway...


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