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Thread: Trying To Extract Audio From The!

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    hopefully someone can help me out with this one:

    i wanna get the dvd screener of the pianist to a vcd... to watch it on tv..
    i went to the site and did what the said step by step... that tmpg can't handle both audio and video.. so extract the audio using virtualdub..... now when i try to do that... i get an a codec error or something....... the thing is ... i can watch the movie on the computer just fine and i dont have any problems with audio or video..... WTF?????

    i also have the newest nimo pack installed and everything.... ?!?!?!?!


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    i use tmpeg to convert both video and audio, are u sure ur doing this right?

    i don't know about the guide on dvdrhelp not looked yet, but i use the wizard in tmpeg to convert .avi files to .mpg (VCD)

    little more info please

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    Just had a look at the guide in question, (learned something myself to do with audio sync probs)

    try here: problems on coverting

    Pay particular atention to this:

    Some common TMPGEnc problems:

    If you get an error message when opening like file unsupported or can not open or is not supported
    or you get an empty(black) video preview window
    or the video look wierd in the video preview window like green or purple or pink
    Try first to change the codec reader settings in TMPGEnc under Option->Environmental settings->VFAPI plug-in and right click on the DirectShow Multimedia File Reader and increase the priority to 1 or 2 and try open the video.
    If that does not help be sure that you have installed DivX or XviD or MPG2 or DV Codecs and also try with the Nimo Codec Pack.

    This may solve the problem if this is what you mean!!

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    If I remember correctly, The Pianist is an XviD codec, so you will need to use virtualdub_mp3freeze to open it up..


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