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Thread: Scaffold

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    Yeah, what the hell is that.

    At some time I downloaded a song by this group.

    The song was "Lily the Pink". What the hell could that be.


    Oh, I remember somebody here told me about it.

    Well, I now feel compelled to get stinkingly drunk. I'm going to march about and say things like "I can't be arsed" and "bollocks!" I am inviting y'all to join me.

    Kind of interesting what you can find in your music collection, stuff you had totally forgetten about.
    Aren't we in the trust tree, thingey?

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    Shit, no alcohol in the house.
    You go ahead and get started, I'll catch up to you after a quick run to the store.
    Aren't we in the trust tree, thingey?

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    Mar 2003
    I am getting started now. In mourning for my whole music collection that I lost in the fixing of my laptop. (okay, so some of you may not exactly call my music, 'music', but I do! er...did.


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