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Thread: about Poor content in ARES !

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    Have you noticed that, when you look for something that is ĘspecialĘ, in a way, for example, like realy old songs by almos unknown artists, or episodes of an old series (that often you find on bittorrent), you can never find it in ARES.
    Well, why is that?...
    Im going to put like 5000 songs ond 10Gigs. of video on my shared and see what happens.

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    i use ares to find mostly mainstream songs & videos. rare stuff is a special combo of p2p programs.

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    Hi Guys

    I agree with you, but why is that.

    To me it comes down to the number of users. If a p2p system has lots of users then it will have lots of "rare" files. If it does not have many users it will not have many rare files. Simple as that.

    Also I find that programs like Limewire and WinMX give very good search results, but with WinMX they hardly ever start to d/l and with Limewire they are very slow to d/l even with Pro.

    With Ares, you have a very good chance of getting the file !

    The morale of the story is try get more of your friends etc using Ares. It is a very good program




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