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Thread: Graphics Card Guru's Read!!!

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    I just bought me a Nvidia Geforce 6800 and was wondering if it is faster then the Nvidia 6600. Anyways more questions. My Gpu core temp is 58 Celcius, and ambient temp is 44 Celcius is that normal??? Also is there a way I can find out how much this card can be clocked? That's all! Thanks

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    of course the 6800 is faster than 6600.... i mean you can tell by the number.. 6800 is higher than 6600 which means its BETTER!

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    Well there were some cards i've seen that even if the number was greater it could of been worse anyways i want some more of my questions answered!!!

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    Where are you getting the temps from?
    44c seems unreasonably high for ambient heat and I would work on reducing that before OCing the card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeee
    of course the 6800 is faster than 6600.... i mean you can tell by the number.. 6800 is higher than 6600 which means its BETTER!
    9200 is higher than 6800, i better sell my 6800 and buy a 9200 right away.... wanker

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    ya get that temp lower. if you can't thjen don't oc it!

    if you get it down then start rising the core's clock a little then play for a while and see if you get artifacts and check the temps. then repeat.
    same for the memory clock speed (of the card).

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    "yeah but ours goes up to 11"

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    Oops I read on the box it sayed Nvidia geforce 6800 oc over clocked so im guessing they already did it.... its some company called Bfg

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    Here take a look at this pic and tell me if it is celscious or farenheit I can't really tell C could mean something else

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    That core slowdown threshhold is crazy...I wouldnt think it could go near that high...and 57C is pretty high...its should get some good cooling. BTW this is bigdawgfoxx lol
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