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Thread: Newsbin Pro

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    I have been using newsbin pro for a couple of days as grabit just wont work with my newshosting account for some reason.

    I am getting a little pissed with it thopugh as it doesn't seem to store old headers anywhere and everytime I want to look at a group I have to redownload it all.

    Am I just being stupid and need to click something else or....................?

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    Right click the group name and select 'load spool'.

    NBP is the mutt's nuts for me. It's one of the very few pieces of software I've actually paid for (about 5 years ago now) and I still use it almost every day; all future updates are free, it gives access to all the latest apps/games/music and always grabs at maximum available bandwidth, so I think it's money well spent.
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