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Thread: how to open ports 6881-6889?

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    i did a research and i saw it saying that to have a better/faster bittorrent download speed i need to open ports 6881-6889, but i don't know how to do it. i don't know anything about these things. i am downloading dvd movies. each file is more than 4000 MB, but with the actual speed it takes days to finish. i am using verizon dsl, modem is westell and model 2200. i have zonealarm installed on the computer and it's winxp sp2. please show me how to open the ports. thanks

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    I suggest you use a client that you can choose in the options what port(s) you want to use and use a random port(s) above 5000 and not the normal ones such the ones you mentioned above as some ISP throttle those and some trackers reject them. Then if you have router foward the same port(s) you chose in your bt app also. Yo should then get a Green light most of the time which is what you want. Also some apps like Azrueus only require one port although it requires java and may need more resouces as well...
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    find your router, follow directions[B]

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    i don't have a router. most of the time the speed i get is around 20-30. sometimes, it goes up to 40, 50-80, but it's very rare. sometimes, it is down to 15-10. with a 4000 MB file, it's gonna take very long to finish. i can't use any apps else, bcuz to download the movies, i am required to have BT. i dont know anything about changing the setting so i dont want to change it. hopely someone can explain it for me step by step.
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    the dsl modem goes directly to the computer. i am using bittornado, how can i allow the ports to randomize?
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