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    I was one half of the Admin over at NexTorrents, some of youm ay have visited it, and i know laot of ppl liked it. But as it had so much trouble with staying online, and had 3 MAJOR down times in only 1 week. I decided to go my own way, nd try and create a great source for torrents, with no banners and all that crap (not for a long time anyways). I have just finished setting up my domains, and everything seems to be working fine now, I have bought 3 domains for EpiTorrent (mainly because i didnt want a scam site popping up in the future, remember Suprnova). Please come and visit us, and let me know what you think in our forums, remember i have just this minute got everything set up, so i am begining to upload a few torrent, WE NEED UPLOADERS, so if any of you think you can help us, please send me a message once you have regisered. (Main Site) (Re-Direct) (Re-Direct To Our Forums)

    Thanks For Your Time
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    Might want to shrink that banner and good luck I guess...

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    I'm not signing up for any site, fuck off and open it for everyone, at least till you have established yourself as worthy of people signing up
    you guys are fucking ridiculous making people sign up for no reason IMO.
    sorry to come off rude but I refuse to sign up unless I deem it worthy, a new site just opening its doors will never be.

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    Thats a valid point, why the signup this early...
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    Place looks great good job

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    Well, 5 torrents doesn't seem like much to entice users to join. If you're an admin over there, maybe consider making it open for the first few months, then changing it to a member only affair. Just a suggestion that might get you a few more torrents to start out with.

    Who is your daddy and what does he do?

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    I'd rather be a member of an exclusive site and not open to the public... Great job Z the site looks great...

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    oh! its up to 7 Torrents now office 2003 is one of them so Im going to give it a try

    this could be a good site if they can find a way to get more good quility torrents. I'm willing to give it a try for a while.

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    Thanks for the feedback, i know some of you think i should take the registeration off, but i am trying to build a PRIVATE community, not a public one like Suprnova was. Also i need ppl to have accounts to make sure ppl arn't just leechers, and actually help the site by uploading. We just need to get some more Uploaders, once this is done, the torrents will grow quickly. If anyone thinks they can help, please get intouch.


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