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Thread: Start Up Problems

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    Hey i seem to have a problem with my icons in my system tray...during start up some of them dont even load. then i went to msnconfig and i found out that something keeps changing it to Selective Startup with "Load Startup Items" unchecked..i think... then i set it to Normal Startup and the reboot and the icons are all there...does anyone know what is doing this.. i ran all the anti spware programs and antivirus and they picked up some spyware but when i delete them its still the same..

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    try the event log, and see what's starting up, that changes it.

    microsoft diagnosis

    might help ?

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    you can disable them from loading in msoonfig.

    whenever you use msconfig to disable a program from starting up it changes the mode to selective startup.
    If you cahnge it back to normal startup it's going to make everything startup that you disabled...

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    erm...lemme get this straight
    are u saying that everytime u restart ur comp, the msconfig will always go back to Selective Startup? matter how many times u try to put it to Normal Startup?

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    I'd permanently remove items from startup instead of just disabling them via msonfig. Try regcleaner to remove them.

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    @ Rossco & backlash:
    He knows what msconfig does but it's not him disabling items in there - he want's to know what is.

    @ trajillo:
    Download and run Hijackthis, scan and save a logfile, then post it here.
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