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Thread: Champ Manager 4, Full And Working....

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    Hi, i just completed my download of cm4 from emule, i tested the files, burned them and ran the game, it's working, fast too which ios surprising for a first version, but the files are now on kazaa and sharing (allready sharing with 50+ guys/gals)

    are the file names, enjoy, my kazaa will be online for the next 24 hours, i know how much it took me to get this game so i wanna be nice and share it with as many people as possible, my connection is T1, so no problems with cut-offs, have fun... this game surpasses all my expectations, unreal.

    If you can't find the file, search for it by my username which is "shamrocknovascotia@KaZaA"

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    Another working CM4 file is ims-cm4.bin

    It works very well with 30+ users.

    Just finished it, and it's all good, comes with a crack as well.



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