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    Why do people have fake files on their computers? do they sit and watch thier uploads and laugh? makes no sense to me.

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    All I can say is that in every society,even this noble one(?) u r gonna get the sad f#ckers.
    Really we should laugh at them.

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    Maybe if I had'nt lost hours downloading several 150mb files to find out they were the wrong ones or corrupted on my 56k connection I might almost find this funny. And there were the hundreds of smaller files that weighted around 4mb, do you know how difficult it is to have to use a checklist " right 3009kb CORRUPTED, let's try the 3012kb one now". It's a matter of checking the names on the front to the filename and then to the size, if there are several with similar or same names and sizes check the number of users on each one, if all else fails get the biggest one first and use a checklist.

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    Deal with it, there's nothing you can do about it. It's the risk you take when you go into P2P. They either want a higher PL (not K++ Version) or they just enjoy it some how.

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    This is a long discussed issue past/present and many opinions given. Use search feature for "fakes" and you'll see. No sense in dragging this out again. ~CLOSED~
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