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Thread: Tmpgenc Error When Trying To Encode 8 Mile

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    i get a this error every time i try to encode the 8 mile screener with tmpgenc "write error occured at address 77F536F7 of module ntdll.dll with 00000000" what do i do to fix that.

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    Try setting the encoding from a couple of frames further on from where you started before.

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    I had the same problem with this film. What you have to do is open file with virual dub and start frame server. Then open tmpgenc and use the file created by virtual dub as video source. You still use .wav as audio source. Worked great. I was told it is something to do with xvid video files not working well with tmpgenc.

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    i try skipping a few seconds into the movie and start encoding and it goes good for a minute then it turns completely black. then i try the frame server. i open my file in vd. then i hit start frame server and the box comes up but it never does anything after that. everything just stays at 0 and never moves. help!

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    The movie is compressed with the XviD codec so you have to change the enviromental settings in TMPGEnc like in this guide:
    Encode XviD movies

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    when you started frame server, it askes you to name a file and puts it in the same folder that your 8 mile is in. Then open tmpgenc and when you browse for video file, switch the veiw to all files at the bottom. Then you will see the server file. Use it. Works fine.


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