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Thread: Tmpeg or video problem?

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    Howdo all, I was wondering if there was a fix to this. I finally got Darkstalkers in 4 parts when I try to convert part 3 with Tmpeg it starts then freezes about half way through. I tried converting with EOVideo and it says the file is empty. Its probably a video problem, is there a fix to this? I've DL'd part 3 like 4 times already

    Thanks in advance

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    that happnd to me 1 time and i couldnt get it to work and i tryed for days on fourms asking and i got no joy hopefully some1 here will no

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    Can you watch the video all the way thru before you convert it?

    I once had a video that kept failing at the same place. When I would play it with Media player it looked good. Since I new it failed about a third of the way thru I decided to cut it there and see what I could do and what do you know, when I loaded it into Virtual dub for cutting and while I was looking for a place to cut there was the bad spot, the picture went all pixelated for about 2 or 3 seconds but it hadn't looked bad in Media player.

    When I compaired the spots time counters to the two players I could actually see it a little in media player but not much. I ended up trashing the video and went to look for another and the next one I downloaded was exactly the same. I came to the conclusion that the only thing you can do is to edit out the bad part (cut) and then run the thing thru a media repair app like Digital Video Repair.

    Since I can't be sure you have the same problem you might try the repair app on the file before you search for the cut. "Digital Video Repair" is freeware and very fast for what it does, Rising Research is the company that makes it. I did try it on the file before I cut it but no repair app can fix pixelization.

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    i'll tell u a trick..if ur computer is fast the video on a lite player like real player or vlc player and while it plays record with Fraps


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