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Thread: Alternative Filesharing

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    Since for many normal p2p filesharing (kazaa, shareaza, emule, bittorrent) isn't too safe or since they require external websites for listing verified content. Let's discuss some alternatives.

    List of alternatives

    Ok many of us already may know the first three fairly well.

    Freenet is known for being super secure and anonymous, though it's flooded with kiddie pr0n (yuk), it's also known for being extremely slow and hence not fast enough for most filesharers.

    Irc, filesharing using fserve through irc clients is also a popular alternative, while it can be fast, it lacks swarming from multiple sources and often ratio's, passwords and other such things are involved which many filesharers these days might dislike.

    Usenet, while another possibility requires massive powerful servers on connections even better than broadband. Most news servers don't allow the posting of binaries or impose limits, or don't offer full access for free.

    Ants, little over a year old and obviously meant to replace standard p2p type filesharing (kazaa, shareaza, even bittorrent, etc). It's client has lacked consistancy and often releases have had uh problems. Recently a new client/mod has been released which provides consistancy and doesn't connect to the development network and users. Probably the most likely candidate for anyone looking for an alternative solution. Anyone interested in testing new filesharing software can check out the development distribution antsp2p. Those looking to just use a client might want to use the mod distribution hornetp2p instead.

    Out of the four alternatives listed above, only two provide a decent amount of anonymity and protection to users. Out of those two only one is really suited for mainstream filesharing.

    So what do you guys think, out of those four which would you rather use for filesharing on a regular basis?

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    i'll think i'll stick with kazaa, gnutella, emule & bittorrent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargas
    i'll think i'll stick with kazaa, gnutella, emule & bittorrent
    Care to enlighten us as to why? Maybe even do a basic comparison?

    Like they have more content, sources, users? Also do you use all three, lol?

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    kazaa sucks now , never many results on albums etc, i prefer torrentspy! i always get what im looking for and it only takes an hour, plus i get covers for cd's too ;o)

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    I think I'll be staying with bittorent for the time being, Transfer speeds are great, saftey depends on many factors, just use private trackers with peerguardian, and a firewall and your about as safe as can be.

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    im guna use bittorrent while it lasts.
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    Aarrrrr....Why not wield them all,I say.

    That's what I do anyway.
    Mainly usenet though.



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