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Thread: Problems Installing Software

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    i am new to this and have downloaded photoimpact 8.0
    then i went to the self extracting and did it and it put it in a file and also it said it was installing it, but when i go to the file i see an exe file and more files below it but what do i do to make this thing work? I tried clicking on the exe file but nothing happen.
    i would appreciate someones help

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    Uhmm, not quite sure what you mean, try downloading it again, it could have been corrupt.

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    hi there !
    extraction/installation problems are many and varied. make sure you have WinRAR and WinACE for just about all KazAa++ downloads. i normally open WinRAR and import folder and then double click the EXE file, from here it generally installs like it should. if your still having problems, go to this is KazAa help with step by step instructions on everything you are currently doing. and don't laugh at their illustrations even if it looks like kindy stuff because it helped me no end !

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    I couldn't find a verified hash for this program anywhere, so it's possible you just got a bogus file. Just to be safe I'd recommend a full virus scan. If it comes up clean and you still want to try to get it running, look at the other files in the folder it created. See if any have the extension .nfo, and if so open it with Notepad. If not, look for any .txt or .doc files that might have specific installation instructions.


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