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Thread: Gant 2 Ocean SP2

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    What is Gant 2 Ocean?

    Gant 2 Ocean SP2 is a shell pack which changes the ordinary look of your Windows XP to Gant 2.
    After installing this pack,your computer will have a different feel which will give you the complete Gant 2 experience.

    What does the pack do?

    The pack replaces your Windows XP SP2 system files ( cpl's, dll's, exe's ) with the modified Gant 2 system files in the pack.

    It also skins the following 3rd party applications ( If installed ) :
    • Emule
    • Flash FXP
    • Msn Messenger
    • Win Rar

    The pack backs up your original system files and creates a Restore Point for safety purposes.
    Plus you don't need to rebuild icon cache after the installation as it already does it for you.


    You need to be on an English version ( language code 1033 ) of Windows XP Home/Pro/MCE with SP2 ( Service Pack 2 ) to use the pack. This pack hasn't been tested on Windows XP or Windows XP with SP1. Of course if you want you can go ahead and gladly be the first one to test it on these versions. Do let me know the result.

    For users on language versions of Windows XP other than English, you may use the 'Extract Files Only' option to extract the files from the installer, allowing yourself to convert the files to your language version of Windows XP and install it yourself.


    Check out the screenshots on the site.
    Really sucks that I can't use it though


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    What the hell is Gant anyways? Is that some sort of Operating System?


    Looks nice.
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    ....Gant is a very popular series (and now, style) of icons. This is great.


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