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Thread: nero 6 ultra ---nero 6 reloaded

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    i have nero 6 ultra serial do i have to get serial for nero 6 reloaded or is the serial number the same.
    Also do you have to uninstall nero 6 ultra before you load nero 6 reloaded if the serials are different hope this makes sence

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    it should work, i'm still using my old reg info in

    and you shouldn't need to uninstall. it should actually keep your old settings if you just install over the older version, even your reg info

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    when i installed it it worked with the old key (entered it automatically too).
    if it doesn't work then PM me and ill hook you up.

    you can leave the old version isntalled and this will write over it.

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    have just downloaded nero 6 reloaded and installed over the top of nero 6 ultra that was ok but when i try to play a file in nero showtime it tells me due to licensing restrictions mpeg 4 decoding is not available its telling me that i need nero6 retail package what do i do now

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    Crack discussion isnt allowed.
    just update the package and it should work. try reinstalling the extra plugins.


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