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Thread: Winmx Question

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    I very very rarely use winmx and am not 100% on if this is normal but I want somthing that I can only find on there so my options are limited, anyways the problem is that I found the file I wanted to d/l and there was a queue of 150 waiting which is ok I dont mind as I cannot find it anywhere else so I watched myself drop down the queue for a day and a half untill I got tho the front, then the d/l turned red and for 2 days I havnt received a byte. Is there somthing I am doing wrong? Ta.

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    may be that the user went offline. what are you looking for?

    are you a primary or secondary connected? what are your speeds?

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    I'm getting Beaches with Bet Midler in it (Its not for me honest!!!!!!!!).

    Ive just checked and i'm on a primary connection and my connection speed is 1.5mb

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    1. being a primary doesn't improve anything, it just uses up more CPU and bandwidth
    2. you might find more sources if you spell it right Bette Midler
    3. see this link:
    4. if all else fails i hear it's on ed2k
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