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Thread: AMD athlon xp 3200+

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    I need help, i have just bougth my processor amd 3200+ OEM, the problem its that i put the processor in and when i turn on my pc it starts beeping, i used to own a AMD 1800+ and it was working well, my MOBO its a GIGA BYTE GA-7VT600 1394
    VIA KT600 chipset, its supposed to support AMD 3200+, i am usin my old heatsink and vent from the AMD 1800+ , is it possible that its overheating, if it is possible then what heatsink its the more appropiate


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    you will need a better heatsink mots likely. (fan and vent as you call it lol).

    Get one rated up to or more than a 3200+.

    btw you posted in internet world...this is a hardware problem.

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    sorry i thought i was on hardware


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