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    Okay, whenever i start up my computer it totally stalls for about 3 minutes. nothing will pop up, nothing loads, nothing shows or anything. and then when everything does start coming up it takes another couple of minutes just for it to start, i have 56K and i have never had this problem before,
    another problem i have, i have Win XP and when i start up there is a black screen with a grey loading bar that comes across, when i first got the computer, (The comp is less then 6 months old) it had nothing of the sort it just started up and it was fine. but now it starts up, has a grey loading screen that shoots by, then it takes FOREVER to load the start page, I have Roller coaster tycoon 2, Warcraft 3, AIM, Ad Aware 6, Sims, Mirc, and tropico, installed on my computer. i previously had Tropico paradise island, C & C red alert 2, Oregon Trail 2, Age of empires, age of mythology, sim city 3000, Win MX, Shareaze, Kazaa, and Sudden Strike, i think C&C 2, Sudden Strike and Tweak Master might have corrupted things but i dont know how to check, i did a System restore, but the earlier days of the month would not allow me to restore it so i had to do it later on in the month, how can i restore to the first day i brought it, Basically how can i make my computer like brand new, like nobody ever used it. and what is wrong with it. all the loading bars that come with the sound menus, whenever i press up for the sound or down, there was a green bar that would show me where it was, now it is totally gone (the bar thingy) and there are files i had (E music) and it now gives me a incomplete dat file, and it says cant find the program i just want the comp back to normal so if i could get help it would be greatly appreciated.

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    A couple of simple housekeeping tasks may help.....first empty the temp file in the windows directory...then make sure that the recycle bin is empty guarantees but it helps speed up the system particularly if you have done some uninstalls and stuff or dl from the net much. Try a defrag and a disc cleanup too......

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    i have done all of that but it still hasnt done anything

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    how do i back up my system files and how can i fix what has already been done, and the only way i can talk to most fo my friends and family is through AIM

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    can you give me any good web sites to start reading these things

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    if you bought this comp with the os pre installed u should have got a cd disk with it that u can put in ur comp an start it up and it will make it just like it was the day u got it

    Note: u will lose everything that u have installed on it since that day and everything u have dled or made on it if u do this

    good luck

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    If you do a "clean" install or proprietory system recovery (disc), you will lose all of your data. It will be written over! The following is excerpted from Chapter 25: Recovering after a Computer Crash from the manual, "Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out". I have used this procedure three (3) times so far because of corrupted System Files and have lost none of my data. I suggest to overcome system file corruptions of one kind or other, you should "Repair and Reinstall Windows" over your existing Windows files as follows:

    "You can reinstall Windows over an existing installation and hope that the new installation will recover enough of your old settings to allow you to retrieve your data files. The repair option is quick and painless and typically does not adversely affect user settings. To exercise this option, start from the Windows CD as if you were going to do a clean install. It's easy to become confused during this process because the word repair appears in two different places when you start your computer using ther Windows CD.

    At the Welcome To Setup screen, do not choose the option to repair your installation using the Recovery Console. Instead, press Enter, which starts the
    Windows setup program. After you accept the license agreement, Windows searches your system for existing installations, When you reach the screen that lists your current Windows installation, select it from the list and press R to start the repair process. The remainder of this procedure requires the same steps as if you were performing a clean installation; when Setup finishes, your System Files should be refreshed and your existing data and settings should be accessible again.

    In cases of severe damage to disk or registry corruption, a repair installation will not be effective; the only alternative is to reformat the HD and install a clean copy of Windows."

    After trying this you should be up and running smoothly again. LOL

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    what do you mean service packs, Like tweak master, i reloaded my settings and totally deleted tweak master, if i do do a complete restore of windows, first how would i reformat my hard drive and what would happen to everything if the restoreation didnt work

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    did u get a win xp disk with the comp or did u get a system restore disk with it ?

    most new comps that are pre configured when u get them come with a spechal cd disk that u can use to put the comp back the way it was when u got it
    if u have this disk just put it in the comp and start it up and it will prompt u with what to do in a steep bye steep prosses this will not only restore the OS but also all the apps that came with the comp when u got it and will have all the nessesary drivers as well

    if u got a regular windows Xp cd u will need to make shure u have all the nessesary drivers as well before u try to format and reinstall

    the best advice i can give u is to call the compony that made the comp and talk to there techs and they will know best what u will need to do

    unfortunatly it is odvious that u dont have the tech know how to do it from scratch unless u have the spechal disk that dose it all by it self

    this is no discredit to u im shure u could learn it eventualy but at this time u dont have the knowlage for it

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    Beware!!! If you execute a system recovery disc, yes your computer will recover to the state it was in when you first received it, including original bundled pgms etc. However, all other accumulated programs and data/files will be zapped unless you have backed them up. I found this out the hard way using a Recovery disc on an Aptiva; the whole "C" drive was overwritten. LOL


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