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    I am not a leecher, I don't want to be one. I get slow speeds, and it says it's because I don't share, well, when I try to share a file with Azureous it can't do it, I go to file share and add a file and I get that gay ass message on the bottom. Do other clients like bittornado make you share without asking you, cuz thats what i want.

    please help, thanks.

    I'm new to bittorrent by the way.

    I mean it uploads while i download, but do i have to share the file when it's done, when i'm not downloading it anymore?
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    i'm a little confused about what you said, or are trying to say ...but...
    the idea is that you upload (seed) as much as you download (leech), whether that be in one go or in more than one. personally i download it first without seeding much ...then seed until the ratio on the client exceeds one. although if its a small file i keep it going to ten or something.
    i use bittornado as my client and find it much more simple to understand. first when you see a torrent you the file to your hard drive (as a small torrent file), then use your client to open it and seed/leech. that way in a day or two's time you can still seed, by double-clicking the torrent file.
    hope this helps..i just wasnt quite sure what you wanted to know

    edit: just read your again...erm i dont think you get the idea of dont file share like kazaa and winmx. you can only leech and seed what it available on a site...meaning you cannot open azureus and just share some random file on your pc. because you have to download a file in a specific format to share it to others. and things are shared on a tracker, therefore you have to have the same file as the rest of the ppl...thats y you have to d/l it first, then seed. im sure there must be something explaining it on this site that you havent read.never mind...what sites r u a member of? torrentbits2 wud xplain it if you were a member, and elitetorrents etc.
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    so i need my share rating to be 10, and then i can stop sharing the downloaded file?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hall of Pain
    so i need my share rating to be 10, and then i can stop sharing the downloaded file?

    just download a torrent when its finished downloading you can choose if you want to continue uploading or close it.

    You cannot share files like kazaa.

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    its best not to stop it until its at least at 1:1


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