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    Is there any software that can slow down the playback of mp3's or cd's? i really need this so I can learn how to play certain songs (especially Stevie Ray Vaughan solos). i have Sound Forge 6.0 but i can't find anywhere to slow down the speed. Also maybe something that can also take the guitar part out and leave the drum, bass, keyboard, etc... so i can play with it, that would be really nice also.


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    The latest version of Windows Media Player 9 can speed up or slow down playback straight off - no encoding or anything - go to "View" --> "Enhancements" --> Play Speed Settings.

    edit: I have XP so I'm not sure if thats true with 98 etc.

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    That's cool ... but maybe something else, I really don't like 9.0 that much (have it at my work). I prefer to stick with 8 if possible. If not then I guess I have no choice....

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    Soma - you cant extract recorded parts from audio. If you could get midi files of the music you are wanting to learn then you probably could - but I can't imagine anyone recording an SRV solo as midi.

    To change tempo without changing pitch is something that is usually done with short samples often only 1 or 2 bars long with a sampler to create loops.

    You might want to experiment with Sonic Foundry's ACID 4 Pro. With this you can change tempo - might be able to drop a complete octave - but would need to do this by ear I think. You could slow the track down, learn the solo in that key and transpose to correct key, but to be honest your best bet is to try and find some transcriptions of the tab. There's plenty of sites that do those. That way you learn the dynamics and phrasing rather than just the notes.

    good luck


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    In Soundforge 6, goto "DX favourites/Sonic Foundry/Time Stretch". If it is'nt there then click on "Recreate by Plug-In Name". It works OK but there's a lot of echo & flange, just try it & see. Here's another Program that's good for editing sound files, "ACID PRO". This is also by Sonic Foundry. Don't know the url but i'm sure it will be on klite.

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    Thanx, I'll check that out...yeah I know I should get the tab but sometimes...sometimes they just are way way off.

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    Well there is something that is exectlly what you're looking for!!!
    Its called "Slowgold"
    I don't remember where and how I found it but that is the program you're looking for.Just search on the net ,you should be able to find it.
    However its not free,sorry........
    You will be able to use it only on first two songs from your cd.
    But you can try it and if you like it,well then buy it.......i don't think its all that expensive........
    This is how it works:
    You start playing the song,and when you get to the part you wanna learn,you hit record.It can record for up to 15 seconds i think.
    Than you choose slowdown speed and replay it over and over again till you learn that part.I think that the sound quality is pretty good so you will be able to hear all the notes...Once you learn that part you just go to the next one record it and that's it
    But like I said if you don't buy the password for the program you can only use it for the first two songs of any cd


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