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Thread: Wuts The Point Of Having The Member Stars?

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    Okay......wuts the point of the star or stars under the avatar?

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    I think the fewer amount of stars you have the more of a life you have
    something to do with forum activity i think.

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    Emmm.......weird thing........ ......

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    You get an extra star when you have posted 50 times (apparently tho still waiting) I make the odd post when watching t.v if I am downloading...some people just seem to post a lot.....its a good job they do tho cos they answer all those techie questions that get ya stumped.

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    actually its now 75 posts, u get 3 stars, and 1000, i think for 5...see the link at the top of the page
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    Yeah that&#39;s correct, you can also change your member title. If you hate them, don&#39;t look at them.


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