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Thread: New PC REPOST

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    This is a repost, just had to weed out the riff raff... now serious replies only please, because I am totally serious and need the info by Monday on the hardware to purchase. Thanks.

    am getting ready to build a new pc. My cousin who used to build them has a P4 that he is going to sell me for $150.00 It is retail and I believe its a 3.4 ghz or close to that. Anyway, I want to know if I can get some info on the newest and best quality mobos w/power supply included of course (quality one) with all the bells and whistles eg. firewire, usb 2.0 , on board sound etc. I also believe he mentioned that I should get what I think he said was dual channel memory or something like that... so instead of gettting one 512 chip I would get 2 256s or instead of 1 1gb I would get 2 512s etc.

    I dont know much about these items, hence the post.. I am going to use my existing hard drives... both WDs 120 and 200 gb and my new NEC ND-3500A DVDRW I am thinking of leaving out my old PlexWriter, because the DVD burner can do it all as far as I am concerned to its just a waste of space to have it in the box if I dont need it. Maybe I can put in a third hard drive in that space where the other cd drive would have been.

    Anyway, in the past we used to go with Asus, but he mentioned that Intel has really good quality mobos now... but he suggested I ask around and I told him I would post on the forum.

    I know I will get some AMD responses, but I am not going with AMD, as I like the 'family sedan'

    Anyway, thanks in advance for the infomation.
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    Was this 2nd post really needed? If ur going to post this type of stuff ur asking for peoples input and alot off people here agree to go with AMD... If u don't like there input then fine just ignore it but theres no need for a 2nd post!

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    Seeing this topic has already started where the other left off, I'l, be closing it. Read your original topic, Clocker seems to have answered somewhat seriously


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