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Thread: Three New Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities

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    Security outfit Secunia has news of further exploits for Microsoft's browser, Internet Explorer. Three new problems have come to light, all of them critical, and all of them having potential to do serious damage to Internet Explorer users.

    The first problem relates to IE not checking items that are dragged and dropped from the Internet zone to the local zone; IE fails to check for images or media embedded in HTML code. A website could place HTML code on a users system, which could subsequently execute code in the local zone. The second issue relates to IE's HTML help control; a specially crafted help (.hhk) file can execute potentially malicious code and could also execute local programs; this vulnerability can also by-pass the "Local Computer" zone lock down security feature in SP2. Finally, a bug in the way IE handles the "Related Topics" command in an embedded HTML Help control can be exploited to allow the execution of malicious code. For a more detailed explanation of the problems, see Secunia's advisory.

    Microsoft have yet to offer a patch for the problems. Internet Explorer users (including v5.x+, v6.x+) and XP users with SP2 installed are affected. Until Microsoft takes the browser problems seriously, one can only suggest that users jump ship and try something else. An Internet Explorer re-vamp in 2006 with Longhorn is fast becoming too far away for ever tiring web users.

    Wow...this is unexpected.

    From NeoWin.

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    new flaws bugs will always be found same with other browser programs. its just good that security companies finds them before viruses are created/released or hackers use it.

    Dont think people change browser because of many flaws/bugs. If you say Firefox is saver then your lying. IE is the most used browser so bugs are found more often.
    Firefox has a big list of bugs/flaws found in 1.0 but they wait with releasing new versions.
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    Mabye this is the three updates I metioned in my post yesterday? They don't say what they are but ,Tuesday Jan 11 05 is the release .

    Quote: Microsoft has announced that it will release three patches for its Windows operating system next week.

    The fixes, which will carry a maximum threat rating of "critical," will be issued Tuesday, the company said.
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