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Thread: You May Be a High-Tech Redneck if...

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    You May Be a High-Tech Redneck if...

    You post squirrel recipes on a website.

    You've ever bought beer online.

    You write to Hewlett-Packard to sponsor a NASCAR team.

    You've modeled your new 'Daisy Dukes' for a webcam.

    You have a celphone headset for your fishing boat.

    Your robot dog is named 'Bubba'.

    You paid more for your computer than you did for your house.

    You subscribe to the chewing tobacco newsgroup.

    Your windows wallpaper is the confederate flag.

    You make John Wayne MP3s.

    Your IM lists are "Hunting buddies" and "Mama'n them".

    Your ringtone is a Hank Williams song.

    You changed beauty shops because they didn't offer websurfing under the hair driers.

    You modified your gunrack to hold a rifle AND your laptop.

    You help install a wireless hotspot zone in your favorite Honky Tonk.

    You've ever called Graceland to tell them their webcam was down.

    You have your monster truck magazine collection on CD-ROM.

    You've ever been to a computer show wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd T-shirt.

    You've used your shoe's spike heel to pry out a DVD that was stuck in the player.

    Your ISP's office is on a gravel road.

    You sent your husband an Ecard of Dolly Parton on the first day of deer season.

    You have Harley Davidson stickers on your mouse.

    Your Windows sound files are all steel guitar.

    You wrote a really cool flash animation that involves Jack Daniels.

    You've ever emailed a digital photo of your new tattoo.

    You know the GPS coordinates of your deer stand and duck blind.

    You've used a photo editor to see what you'd look like in Tammy Faye makeup.

    You've used a locking CD case to close a bag of salsa chips.

    You've ever gotten Kripsy Kreme icing INSIDE your PDA.

    You've ever spilled moonshine on your Blackberry.

    You wired your grandma's outhouse with broadband just for giggles.

    You have a satellite photo of the Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleaders on your wall.

    You've ever painted a URL on an overpass.

    You've discussed high capacity hard drives while getting your cowboy boots polished

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    You modified your gunrack to hold a rifle AND your laptop.

    Jeff Loomis: He's so good, he doesn't need to be dead to have a tribute.

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