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Thread: Yes, Its another what components should I buy Thread

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    Good Day all,

    Iím going to buy a new pc and I need a second opinion on what hardware I should purchase. The parts I have chosen are:

    Motherboard - Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe NForce 4 Mobo
    Processor - AMD (Newcastle) Athlon 64 3500+
    RAM - Kingston 512MB DDR PC3200, 400MHz CL3 x2
    Graphics Card - Asus Radeon X800XT PCI-E
    Hard Drive 1 - Seagate Barracuda 120GB SATA 7200RPM
    Hard Drive 2 - Seagate Barracuda 80GB SATA 7200RPM
    DVD RW - Plextor 12X DVD Dual R/RW
    Power Supply - ??????

    These are the parts I have chosen so far. Iím not that sure if itís better to go for two hard drives or just one. Will all the components be compatible with the others? And finally what power supply will be good enough for the system above.

    I need all the help I can get and feel free to change it around.

    Thanks for any help given.
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    Get one large 320gb drive and just partion it up, saves you money and just easier to maintain and such. Spend a good £40 on a 400watt + PSU, it could make or break your system. And get two sticks of that ram so its 1Gb and dual channeled (the mobo supports it im pritty sure)

    Also if you need to save money sut back your CPU to something like a 3200.

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    Thanks for the help Peerzy.

    Do you know if the graphics card will work with the board?

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    does it have a pci-express slot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by twister
    does it have a pci-express slot?
    Was just gonna' ask.

    If it does, I haven't heard of any Nforce4/x800 conflicts or anything. Asus used to have an odd design that didn't work very well with chip specific non-asus drivers (like detonator, for the geforce chips), but I don't think they do anymore. The quality is usually good in my experience anyhow.

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    btw didnt u just get a AMD 64 machine? if so i will take it, if your running out of space in your closet

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    Thanks for the help guys.

    The mobo does have a pci-express slot. Is there anything with the specification you will change. I need some criticism.

    and no this is the first pc im buying after 5 years. Im still running a amd athlon 800mhz.

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    Why the Newcastle? Get the Winchester!

    For your DVD burner, get a NEC or LG.
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    I like the mobo, the processor and the gfx card for sure. Tho' you could buy a slightly slower processor and still build a good system like peerzy says.

    The RAM is all right, should work in dual channel and all, I guess it could be faster and better, but it's worth the money you'll be paying for it already.

    The hd's are good, but you could do as peerzy says, that sounds good too, altho' you might get some speed from this setup as you can put the pagefiles, if you'll be using them, on the second disc. I did notice a marked increase in performance when I did so on win2k. Anyhow, more disc space is always good.

    The burner sounds all right, tho' someone was talking about a pioneer that ought to be better the other day.

    Lastly when it comes to the psu you'll want a powerful one, for futureproofing, 400w or more is good, and I think some people will advise you to avoid antec, maybe.

    What kind of chassis will you be having?

    EDit: How much ram is there on the gfx card?
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    ive got the thermaltake tsunami at the moment. the gfx card has 256 ram and im going to look into the Winchester and the pioneer.

    thanks for all the help

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