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Thread: A few questions for settings up RAID

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    I have this PCI card that supports raid. So does my mobo but I am setting this up on a different system. The card has 2 IDE slots. How many devices can I setup on it on RAID 0?

    I will have about 8 identical drives at my exposal. I had about 3 or 4 other questions I wanted to ask but they slipped my mind.
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    The card model would have been useful, I guess that slipped your mind too.

    2 IDE Slots, master and slave on each = 4 drives.
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    Motherboard model could help too.

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    The PCI card is a maxtor ATA/133. I dont see the model # anywhere on it but it was the only one i saw on their site.

    Mobo shouldnt matter cause i might be using it. But I currently have a FIC AN17. It supports RAID 0 and 1.

    How much power does such a small hd use? I have an old 200w psu I wanted to use for them.
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