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Thread: Should I stay with my ISP

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    I'm with ntl (300 k broadband) 17.99 a month

    and I was wondering if I can go to some one faster for the same price

    I ran a few tests and this is what I found

    Your download speed : 283711 bps, or 277 kbps.
    A 34.6 KB/sec transfer rate.
    Your upload speed : 64484 bps, or 62 kbps.

    also I heard they will start using caps soon.

    so is it worth staying or can I get a better deal with someone else

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    In Feb that 300k will become 1mb for the same price, but you will have a 5gb a month cap.

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    whats 1mb if you cant dload more than 5 gigabytes.

    if it was something like 15 or 20 then that would be different.

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    darkmatter - I used to be with NTL and as far as I'm aware there is in fact a cap in place, I believe it was 1GB p/day. I'd check the ToS.

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    1 GB p/day is alright but the new cap(5 GB/p month) sucks.

    who did you move to?


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