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Thread: VB.Net. Moving an image

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    I need to design a map of an exhibition. The user will select a trader to see and an image (a cross) on the map will show the way to the correct stand. I therefore need the image to move from the bottom middle (the entrance) to the correct table.

    The image needs to be on a timer as the user will have to be able to see it moving.

    When trying to write the code my image doesnt move correctly. I assume i will have to use some sort of 'if' or 'do while' statement but am getting very confused with it!! It sounds so simple.

    Has anyone got any ideas? All the code i have used so far (on the timer click command) just doesnt work.

    I would really appreciate any help on this!!


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    what code have you got for moving the image and what does it do? You can probably find a fair bit of info if you go looking for stuff on 'sprites' which are images that move across a background (basically)
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