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    I'm on a 56k and I was wondering if anybody knows how to fix the web page cannot be viewed error, maybe adjust your settings or something so I don't get this error 75% to 85% of the time when I want to go to a website. the error i get is the page cannot be displayed dadadadada at the bottom cannot find server or DNS error, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Anyway I get this like 75 - 85% of the time I want to view a website and I have to click the refresh button like 4 or 5 times sometimes before it actually works. Anyway to fix this ???

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    By anychance r u with freeserve!!

    i've had the exact same problem al mornin ..if not worse toke me over have 1/2 hr of atemps just to load my homepage.. i know everythings set right al i can think of is my isp

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    Fast solution: get Opera 7 (

    I've had that problem on IE numberous times even with ADSL (never had to refresh more than once though) and also i'm having this problem on NetCaptor quite often.

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    do you keep getting a debugging error... i keep getting those, i'm on adsl and tis freakin annoying! it doesn't do much, just slows it down a tiny bit... the weirdest part is that you can press either retry of cancl, and it doesn't change anything!

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    Ill check out the opera .. I'm hoping that its my browser all I know is that it is annoying as hell especially since a 56k takes forever to browse anyway.


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