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    Does anyone have any hash links to a working deus ex game file?

    thanks in advance

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    I have a copy of the Deus EX file from KL. MIne upacks and gives 2 CRC errors.
    deusex.c46 and deusex.c49 - everything else is OK. If anything else is useful to you let me know - I need those two files if you have them???

    thanks in advance.

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    I had actually downloaded that from the candystore site for bittorrent (i think&#33 but it seems to be unavailable just now.

    I would post it on kazaa but i had to wipe my hard drive due to a virus norton missed, so i dont have it now!

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    Ah, the wonders of the search engine

    Deus Ex verified

    Next time try to do the searching yourself, will you
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