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Thread: Disturbing copyright infringement message

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    Hello folks,

    I just recently got cable. (As in about a week ago.) So I was "dreaming" about downloading some movies off Kazaa Lite, and I dreamed about starting around 10. And I just let it alone, left my house, and came back from a trip about three days later. Well, the folder I have entitled (for some reason) My Shared Folder was about 10 gigs. (At this time, I did not know about PeerGuardian, or any other such programs.) And there was a message from another kazaa user, CopyrightInfringement_Warning241@KaZaA, and this is what the message said:

    "You have been detected participating in online activity that may be in violation of Federal copyright law by illegally trafficking in copyrighted motion pictures. Pursuant to the Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. Section 504(c)), statutory damages can be as much as $30,000 per motion picture, and up to $150,000 per motion picture if the infringement is willful.

    This notice is not a complete statement of the claims that can be brought against you for the foregoing actions and is not intended to waive or limit the forms of relief that the relevant copyright holders may seek from you through appropriate legal action."

    So what does this mean? Are the Feds going to come knock on my door tomorrow?

    Any advice would be appreciated.



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    probably a hoax, since I doubt they would send you a message through k-lite.

    my advise:
    1. use peer guardian/protowall
    2. use Bittorrent

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    Your problem is:

    1. Your downloading movies off KaZaA (FastTrack)
    2: You shared 10 gigs (guessing movies) of something for 3 days.

    (From what read)
    It could be one of those IM bot the MPAA/RIAA have setup.
    I guessing the worse is you and your ISP will get a letter like everyone that does what you do.
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