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Thread: C&c Generals

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    HELP!! I will play generals online but i need a serialkey that i can play online. Please so fast as possible a good serial key to play multiplayer onlin

    For everybody else who want to download C&C Generals for downloading Edonkey 200 and then you can simple download Generals


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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
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    Sorry If you wanna play online then buy the game.
    If you had any respect for the group on wich you base your name you would buy the game.

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    is there nothing that you can do against it. There must be a crack

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    U need a valid and authed serial to play online... if u like the game, then buy it tbh ....

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    If you like the game then buy IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    stealing games is bad enough............ The purpose of image files is to get the full game and try it.
    What I find that most game suck, and not worth buying (Iron Storm)

    CD keys are blacklisted on the servers. Some games have controlled servers (Generals) and will not allow the game to search for Warz servers........(unlike Battlefield 1942)
    even if you can play a game on a warz server then most likley its not a pure server and there are going to be cheaters everywhere not making the game any fun......... MOH..........Spearhead.....

    Game companies are not dumb.......... There looking everday for those serials and blacklisting them all the time. playing a game online that you did not buy may hurt someone with the exact serial who had bought the game. This has happend to me. It not right to do this as it hurts those that have paid money for the game.

    enjoy the single player, as the bots put up a pretty good fight.

    NOTE: most so called serial generaters are not true generators. They just show a random list of stored serials in the program. So, the game company opens this and blacklist all the serials....

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    Play via direct IP, the serialkey can only be used once, so U wont find it

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    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\EA Games\Generals\ergc

    This is where the CD key is located............................

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    i know something else. I go to the store. I look to the game Generals en I write the Serial Key on a paper. I install the game with serial key and I can play

    Myth gaat verder als anderen stoppen

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    that must be a pretty low-security store u go to lol

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    i know something else. I go to the store. I look to the game Generals en I write the Serial Key on a paper. I install the game with serial key and I can play

    Myth gaat verder als anderen stoppen

    I would do that but in my game store but they keep the manual with the game in the back.

    And would the person how bought the game would not be abbel to play online.

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