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Thread: Grim Fandango Cd 2

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    right!! after waiting the duration equivalent of Christs return ..ive given up waiting for access to said CD and bought the ******..why share 1 CD and not the other???????????????????

    ok the the hell do i put games on kazaa...surely its not just a case of copy and paste..its far to big to hope the hell it works how do you do it peeps??????????

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    Well, I'm sharing both CDs, and since I was the one who posted that verified, I don't know what your problem is. You weren't downloading it off of me, obviously. Maybe the guy you were downloading it from hadn't finished CD 2 yet. It is over 500 megabytes.

    You have to create an .iso or .bin file of the cds if you want disc images. I can't help you with ripping.

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    no i didn't get if off the verifieds....just impatient i suppose B) ...yeah i think it will have to be an image file..there's not many copies thats the problem.ta for info

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    ive also been sharing CD1 and 2 on kazaa and emule 24/7 for 2 weeks now, but all that seems to be uploading is jedi knight 2 and now CM4 so maybe you were getting kicked down the line or something because of this.


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