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Thread: Download Movies And Dvd Player

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    Not up to scratch with all the latest tech. I am thinking of buying a stand alone DVD player to sit in the bedroom. If I download thse movies that are rips of screeners and make a cdr will they play? or what do I have to make sure I have on the DVD to be sure they will play?
    I downloaded a few movies lately and they have been playing the audio perfect but the video is way behind, I see a reply below saying restart and only then go staright to the movie. My system is old 533mhz will it still be able to cope?

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    you will need to convert to s/vcd first then create a vcd.
    or buy a kiss dvd player which allows you to burn the film to a disk just like data.
    and plays straightof the disk.
    Kiss DVD

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    All you need to know HERE
    Oh,and you could try HERE!
    They are the best sites other, more knowledgable members, have put me onto b4.

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    Thanks Livvy,

    So Dvd's will not play avi files or mpeg? or anything else except vcd?
    Sorry for being so dense just trying to work it all out, I expect that changing the file to a vcd with my slower pc would take for ever.

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    Thanks just caught your link.

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    Let me justput my 2 cents in here- the kiss dvd player does not play all forms of divx, xvid, ac3... If you realy want to watch the movies on tv then look at my post from yesterday. The video card is the way to go- There will be more dvd players comming out with divx/xvid compatibility but u are just gunna have to wait.


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