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Thread: help with the hoodlum chornicles of riddick release(game)

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    hi,I downloaded the hudloom release of the chronicles of riddick:butcher bay. I un'rar'd it, and then have a folder like it looks when you click on the cd, I click setup, it installs, nice menus and everything. Then When I click launch game, the logo pops up, and nothing happens!. They also said to copy the system directory from the unrard folder to the installl folder, did that, still no go any help is appreciated, Thanks!

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    read the info?
    you have to copy the crack to the directory folder, did it ask you if you wanted to replace the file?
    you have to say yes

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    ya, I did the system dir copy. I didnt find a crack. Im gonna check again.

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    read the included NFO it will tell you what todo.

    Don't create threads if you are having problems with cracking a program. Cracking discussions aren't allowed.


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