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Thread: Cm4-read Before Posting

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    I see several scattered threads on this with the same questions over and over.
    If you do a search for your game and follow the advice (or at least advice from those that have gotten it working) then you would be enjoying the game right now and not frustrated.................

    file: ims-cm4.bin (this is the correct working one)
    size: 294.878 ( correct size, I know works fine)
    hash: (don't bother with Kazaa get a movie instead)

    1) If you got this from Kazaa then don't expect it to really work. (if you can find it even)

    2) check ims-cm4.bin for errors with cdmage. If there are damaged sectors then repair them. Most likely this will fix it just fine.

    3) burn image with nero.

    4) Try to install from cd. If it gives a violation error or access error or even a can't find this error then goto step 5.

    5) copy contents of cd to a folder you created. It can be named anything...... If for some reason you can't copy a certain file off the cd then it was burned with errors or the cd is just a bad one. try again making sure you have nero set up correctly.

    6) once copied to your folder, run the installer found in the folder...... This will install the game.

    7) go back to your folder and find the crack folder. copy and past the crack to the
    Eidos Interactive\CM4 folder........................

    8) you may have to restart your computer as the game may try to run after install, Restart and run the game.

    This takes a fast CPU, as it took my computer 14 min to setup the leagues. 900 amd ATI Pro 9000 128 meg video card......

    follow these instructions for:
    iron storm

    This game works fine if you followed each step and have no errors on the cd image. ( NO KAZAA!!&#33

    For those that don't know this is a stupid soccer game. I thought it was a business simulation and saw all the post on it (never seeing the word soccer mentioned) and downloaded it. I got it working perfectly to help other posters though I have no clue what purpose the game serves......

    this ***WILL*** get things working for you...........

    fun gamming........

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    i dont get it, do i have to change the file type from .BIN to .ISO or do i have to download CDMage to do this. also, can i just cburn the .BIN to CD and then will it work from there.
    I am a bit confused, help!!!

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    don't change the file names.................
    just burn the cd.
    use cdmage to check for errors and repair any that are found.

    use Nero to burn..

    I suppose we have to go over the steps on how to use Nero...................................

    1) file/burn image

    2) look in..........>> find folder image is stored.

    3) File of type = All Files (*.*)

    4) select your image

    Foregin image setting:

    5) Type of image = Data Mode 1

    6) Block size (bytes) 2352
    (a) leave the rest of the settings to 0 or unchecked.

    7) Write Method = Disk-At-Once
    (B) check finalize and write options.

    now burn the image. make sure it has no errors on the image before burning.....
    you don't have to rename the file. if you got it on Kazaa it might have a .exe on the end. Just leave it alone as it won't hurt anything.

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    i dont have CDmage so what do i do now. i put it on to CD using Easy CD creator, and its just the same file.


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    find nero on Kazaa. I would try the version that has the most users....


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