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Thread: Xara Webstyle 3.1

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    Does anyone have the serial number for this? Also, where can I find the web graphics etc. that are included in the full version of the CD? The trial version only includes some. This is NOT Xara Webstyle 2.

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    there is a Xara 3.1 on kazaa with serial and add-ons
    i have it on CD sumwhere. Im goin to transfer all them apps in ma shared folder later today. il post the has later on. It was about 30mb i think?!

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    At last - someone on a similar quest!!

    Amar and Dap (scuze the short names&#33
    Could you let me know when you do have the Webstyle 3.1 stuff please?
    I d/loaded Ws3 fromKazaa over 2wks ago and have had the same problem.

    I posted it in sofware, titled 'Xara - I give up!"

    I've had half a program and would really appreciate the full version especially after all the time I've spent trying to locate the missing templates etc.

    Many many ta's for yer help!

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    Sorry - it was Webstyle 3.1 that I downloaded over 2 wks ago, not 3!

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    HELLOoooooooo! Is there anyone there?
    I've even pm'd each of you and STILL get no response!


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    People are not suposed to post serial numbers on this form, ger someone to PM you, the xara cd is about 200mb in length. so the one on ft is a rip. i like that app look what you can make with it...


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