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Thread: Toshiba Satellite Laptop, P20-801 (need help)

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    i like this Toshiba laptop, I just want to ask if its worth buying it or not . Any sort of recommendations are welcome regarding a new laptops.

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    Nice choice
    Personally when i get the cash and i want a 17inch
    i would choose either between the new Dell inspiron 9200
    or the Sony Vaio A Series

    If i had the cash right NOW i would definetly buy the Sony Vaio
    ( i have a dislike to dell) and the vaio is amazing and has gotten some brilliant reviews. And at this stage there are some amazing upgrades

    go to , in the forums search for the vaio or even the toshiba or dell and see the opinions of people.

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    thanks for replying!

    what Sony Vaio are u talking about, (i mean which model), u got any links and how much is it, at this stage i am willing to spend 1000, no more then that!!

    do u think that 17inch screen size on laptop would look stupid???

    EDIT: i hate dells!!!
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    in relation to 17inch screens (heavy weight etc)

    this sony

    this dell

    Go here for good laptop reviews

    search and ask at this forum cause they are specialised in laptops

    by the way: in most tech forums ive come across . when some one mentions "laptop" in the hardware section there is an instant decline of views in that thread compared to the others
    there must be some kind of fear
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