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Thread: xp user logon screen(i dont want it)

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    from past few days i am getting a user logon screen when windows start! i have a single user pc and i use the admin account there is none other account.

    i just want my windows to start automatically i mean whithout that user selection screen.

    *sorry for this bad english *

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    go to the Control panel and go to user settings and find the admin account or whatever account your using and go to change password and for NEW PASSWORD dont type one in and it should go without a login screen..but i would recommend one

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    leave a password (more security) but:

    edit: Look below, 15%'s way is better.
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    Here is another method which still keeps the user password but will log you in automatically

    1. click on "Start" - then click on "Run" - and type
    "control userpasswords2"
    2. click OK
    3. On the Users tab, clear the "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" check box and click "Apply".
    4. Select the user you want to log on & click OK. A dialog will appear that asks you what user name and password should be used to logon automatically, just click "OK".
    Then go to Control Panel / User Accounts, and click “Change the way users log on or off”, and untick both “Use the Welcome Screen” and “Use Fast User Switching”
    Taken from post by: Dirk Diggler

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    using the admin account is the best way to get virus and spyware, I'd advise against it.

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    u sure the .NET account wasn't recently added with a windows update? Check your accounts again just to make sure and you can safely delete that acct.


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