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Thread: using Outlook on two networked computers

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    I have two personal computers at home that are networked. I use them both a lot and benefit from them being networked together a lot. The one thing that I cant do is use my outlook on both. I obliviously can have outlook running on both, but I want my emails to be saved and stored all in one place.

    Is there a way to have two outlooks on two different networked computers constantly. Now of course I know it can be done in a fashion like we all use at work, where you can log onto any computer and access your complete outlook file, but i am sure that set up uses a mail server or other dedicated hardware which i don't have.

    Is there a simple way to be able to have one outlook mirror the other on my other computer?
    Or can i just access the other outlook client via the network?

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    one idea is you could have one outlook's mail save folder link to the opposite computer... Then all the mail would be saved on one computer...

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    Perhaps a better idea would be to install a mail server on one machine.
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