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Thread: A Borin Question But....

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    does anyone know what is the fastest possible internet connection u can get now a days is it T4 r is it faster even still

    i get around the 50+ 60+ kb/s on kazaa which is alright i guess

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    50 TO 60 KB/S?
    thats not alright i have the same exact alcatel usb modem and i get on average around 150 to 160 kb/s

    OC-768 supports rates of 40 gigabits per second (Gbps) on a fiber optic carrier, a rate that translates to the equivalent of seven CD-ROM's worth of data in one second. New DWDM systems are now in development to run at at 10 trillion bits per second (10 Tbps) per fiber.

    thats fuckin fast!!!!!!!

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    yes but the fact is i only pay for 512k subscrption price with AOL

    but i already know that my modem is capable of much faster speeds but i would need to update my line etc and my subscription to t1 t2 r t3 which is mb/s but i know aol only do 512k at the most coz there sh*t.

    And are behind in the world of fast internet connections

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    50 TO 60 KB/S is normal for a 512k connection.


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