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Thread: Shrinking SVCD/AVI

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    Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I belive its more of a software problem than a tv/movies question.

    The problem I have is after I have extracted the mpg from a movie that comes on 2 or more svcd disks and put them into nero in order to burn, if the size is over the 4.7gb and I change it to long play or reduce the frame rate in order for it to fit on the dvd-r, the sound is always out of sync.

    I download dvd-r's of movies that I could not get to fit myself from other sources eg I had to put the Aviator on 2 dvd's but have recently got the screener on 1 dvd so what am I doing wrong.

    Any help would be very much apprieciated.

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    merge the 2 mpeg files then convert them to DVD (.vob files)

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    Thanks I will give that a go now I have never tried to change svcd to vob, however I have just merged 2 avi files (chiity Chitty Bang Bang for the sprog) and changed that to vob files with winavi, this produced two files (disk 0 & disk 1) with most vob files in disk 0 file, I merged both sets of vob files with dvdlab and it comes to about 5.5gb is there anyway I can shrink that? The film is about 2 and a half hours long.

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    there is a free prog called dvd shrink that might help you here is a link to there site.

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    I have tried to shrink the file afterwards with dvdshrink but I get the message...

    DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue

    Invalid data in file "C\where ever I have put the vob files"

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    I've downloaded movies that consisted of 2 parts, both in an .avi format.

    I use WinAvi to convert to Mpeg2, then use TMPGEnc to merge the 2, then use
    WinAvi again to convert to DVD format. Finally I use Nero to burn the DVD files.

    Without using Dual layer DVDs(I have this capability), this seems to be the best method I could come up
    with and still keep the DVD files under 4.7G. The quality is still there and it doesn't take hours and hours to complete.

    If I convert the .avi files directly to DVD format than I must author the DVD.
    This is more time consuming, less reliable, and the results are more likely to not fit onto a 4.7g blank DVD.

    I have yet to try any other tools though.

    my .02

    edit: check out for tutorials on various methods.
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    Instead of converting to svcd try converting to kvcd.It can fit at least 120 minutes of good video with the right resolution.

    That is what i am getting @ least, Check my info or go to

    I dont have a dvd burner, so I dont know about that part.


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