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Thread: Symantec AntiVirus Corporate v 9.03.1000 (**New version**)

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    Symantec AntiVirus Corporate v 9.03.1000

    Comprehensive virus protection for workstations and network servers
    enterprise-wide. Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition provides
    scalable, cross-platform virus protection for workstations and
    network servers throughout the enterprise. Enhanced security features
    plus centralized policy management enable administrators to manage
    client and server groupings logically. In addition, administrators
    can create, deploy, and lock down security policies and settings to
    keep systems up-to-date and properly configured at all times. The
    centralized management console enables administrators to audit the
    network and identify which nodes are unprotected, and determine which
    nodes are protected by Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition, or
    Computer Associates, McAfee, Panda, Sophos, or Trend Micro antivirus
    products. This function allows administrators to proactively secure
    unprotected nodes before an event can occur, ensuring system uptime
    and user productivity. Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition provides
    backend response mechanisms that enable the delivery of fast,
    reliable, and hands-free virus detection, analysis, and repairs. Even
    in the face of unusually heavy demand for virus definitions during
    serious outbreaks, Symantec's scalable architecture ensures that
    virus cures will be readily available when needed most. Infected
    clients and network servers are cleaned quickly and efficiently via
    on-demand, enterprise-wide virus sweeps initiated from a centralized
    console. NAVEX, a single, extensible scanning and repair engine,
    provides the unique ability to update virus definitions and engine
    extensionswithout having to reboot servers or re-deploy application
    software, thereby easing management and minimizing the cost of
    ownership. To enhance speed, the solution includes reduced virus
    definition file sizes and multi-threaded server rollout. And for
    extra security, LiveUpdate technology enables administrators to
    configure automatic updates for virus definitions, including updates
    for out-of-date definitions. Symantec's award-winning solution is
    compatible with Windows Server 2003, Netware Secure Console
    platforms, and 64-bit Intel Itanium II hardware, enabling
    uninterrupted protection as businesses migrate to the latest
    technology. And, like all Symantec security products, Symantec
    AntiVirus Corporate Edition is supported by Symantec Security
    Response, the world's leading Internet security research and support

    This is the best AV available in my opinion. It uses far less resources than NAV, but has the same AV engine, and there's no need to cra-ck it.

    Big thanks to InNYC for releasing this to me


    Im on Razorback2 sharing this and theres excellent speed for this file now
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    link doesn't seem to work for me, and this new version doesn't even come up on a search

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    Ill fix the link and dont worry about it not coming up on "search""...It was only released a few hours ago
    Only 5 people have the full thing at the


    EDIT Screenshot and credits added to original post
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    Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition V10.0.0.359 has been released


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